• Metkagram Events

    This is where all the action happens. From super-helpful webinars, lively meetups to thrilling contests - we've got it all lined up just for you. It's all about sharing, learning, and acing languages together. So what are you waiting for? Jump right in and become a part of our language-loving tribe!🚀

We've always got a ton of events happening, just for our dedicated language learners like you. Check out what's coming up:

You may be wondering, why are we hosting these events and what's in it for you, right? Well, here's the scoop:

  • Our events are designed to bring all of us, the Metkagram, community, closer together! 🤝 By participating, you can connect with fellow language learners from all around the globe. Who knows, you may even find your future language study buddy here!

  • We believe that learning should be enjoyable, not a chore. 😄 Our events incorporate fun activities to break the monotony of studying and keep your enthusiasm for learning languages alive and kicking.

  • Whether it's a seminar, a workshop, or a casual discussion, each event offers unique learning opportunities. 🎓 You could discover a new learning strategy, understand a complex grammatical concept, or pick up some handy language hacks!

  • Many of our events involve interactive sessions where you get to practice the language you're learning. 🗣️ What better way to improve than by using your language skills in real-time?

  • Let's face it, staying motivated while learning a language can be challenging. 🌄 By attending our events, you'll hear inspiring stories from other learners, get tips to overcome common challenges, and keep your motivation high.

Upcoming Events

  • Webinar: How to make the most out of Metkagram - May 27, 2024

    Join us for a deep dive into Metkagram'features and learn how to supercharge your language learning journey. Make sure you don't miss out! 🚀

  • Past Events

    Keep an eye on this space to stay updated with all our events. We can't wait to see you there! 😊