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    Your brain 🧠 will love to learn foreign language with Annotated grammar cards.

    Unique & effective method to improve your language skills in next 6-12 months.

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    Brain's Potential

    We add visual tags before parts of speech and use colors so you your brain can easily recognize and remember language patterns in context.

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English / German Grammar

Think of grammar as a puzzle. With Metkagram, you have the perfect tool to solve it. We simplify complex grammar rules into digestible pieces. Whether you're dealing with English tenses or German verbs, our flashcards will guide you step by step. Plus, with our extensive library, you can choose content that suits your advanced learning needs.

Missing Your Language?

Don't see the language you're eager to master on Metkagram? Just let us know! We're always keen to expand our offerings based on your needs.

  • Grammar In a
    ✨ Simplified Form

    We believe in making learning effortless yet impactful. By focusing on the essentials of grammar, we streamline your learning process. Our simplified approach allows you to concentrate on what truly matters, accelerating your journey to language mastery.

Context is the King

  • Learning plan
  • Metkagram goes beyond traditional word memorization, focusing on contextual language patterns. With the ability to upload texts or craft your own grammar cards using AI, each learning experience is personalized.

  • Keep Your Learning
    Materials Organized

    Learning doesn't have to be messy. With our language cards, you can keep your study materials organized and ready for review. Each card is a mini toolkit, filled with annotated texts, translations, and key expressions.

A lot of in Our Library

  • Kickstart your advanced language journey with Metkagram! Our library is a treasure trove, filled with collections crafted by fellow learners. Skip the tedious groundwork and dive straight into learning.

    Various Themes
    The library, as you will see, is organized into various themes to make your learning experience smooth and targeted:

  • 📘 Grammar Patterns: Decode the complexities of language structure and application.
    🗣️ Idioms and Collocations: Elevate your linguistic abilities by mastering common expressions and word pairings.
    💪 Health: Familiarize yourself with the language of wellbeing, medical care, and self-maintenance.
    💻 IT: Become versed in the lexicon prevalent in the technology and information sector.
    💼 Business: Grasp the language of the corporate world, from meetings to negotiations.
    🧠 Psychology: Understand the terminology used in the field of mental health and human behavior.
    🎓 Learning Tips: Acquire effective strategies and tips for optimizing your learning process.
    🌟 And So Much More!

  • The Power of Practice

    Remember, practice makes perfect. That's why Metkagram, incorporates Learning Queue of Language card sets for you to review and reinforce what you've learned. With this powerful tool at your disposal, your newly acquired language skills will become second nature, enabling you to communicate with confidence and fluency.

    Crucial Tips for Effective Learning
    Begin with Topics that Fascinate You: Choose a theme within the app that genuinely captivates your interest. Your enthusiasm will serve as the catalyst for your motivation, rendering your educational journey both pleasurable and meaningful.
    Maintain Regular Practice: Use the Metkagramapp daily, even if it's just for a brief period. Consistency is the cornerstone of language mastery.
    Implement Your Acquired Knowledge: Actively use the newly learned words and phrases from the app in your everyday interactions, writings, and thoughts.
    Seek Feedback: Share your efforts within the app community or with friends who are also using Metkagram, to receive valuable feedback. This will help you make necessary adjustments and improvements to your language skills.

See Metkagram app in action

Learning never exhausts the mind.

  • Free & Premium

    Metkagram, is here to deliver the power of Grammar cards with annotations - the equivalent of a personal tutor session - at a fraction of the cost. Choose the plan that fits you best and let's get learning!

    • Metkagram Free

    • Free

      • No cost access, limited functions

    • Metkagram Plus

      • Upload your own texts for annotation and practice using the Shadowing Technique.

      • Create texts for card sets based on your prompts with AI. Stay tuned for an all-rounded, AI-enhanced language learning journey!

      • Ask to explain or help you to start speaking and writing with our chat powered by OpenAI chatGPT4.

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  • Common questions

Can I use the Metkagramapp if I am an absolute beginner?

Starting from scratch can be daunting - but don't worry, Metkagram, has your back! While we don't offer pre-built courses for those just starting out, there are plenty of other ways you can get to grips with a new language. We'd recommend taking an offline or online course and reaching A1 CEFR level before using the Metka gram app. You could also benefit from reading a book on grammar before diving into our interactive language sessions. Whatever approach works best for your learning style, Metkagram, is here to make language-learning easy and accessible - so start your journey today!

How does Metkagram creates Grammar cards with annotations?

Learning a language doesn't have to be hard - with Metkagram, it's simple and straightforward. Our app uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI-powered technology to annotate text, making language-learning easier than ever before. We create 'metka' tags for the text, so you can focus on the learning rather than struggling with grammar. We can't guarantee every text is 100% accurate, but if you come across any mistakes please let us know and we'll take action to improve our language grammar model. Get started today and unlock the world of truly interactive language-learning with Metkagram!

Can I change the Annotated Flashcards?

Metkagram, is committed to making language-learning as easy and interactive as possible. While you can edit the original text in the foreign language, translations and key phrases, you won't be able to change the annotated text in each language card. But don't worry - our AI-powered NLP technology ensures that everything is accurate and up-to-date, so you can unleash your inner polyglot with minimal effort required!

Should I buy a new subscription for the second language?

The app offers an all-in-one subscription that covers all language models, so you won't need to buy a separate subscription for each language.

Can I repeat the documents in web and then continue on my phone?

With Metkagram, there's no need to worry about starting and stopping your language-learning journey - we make it easy to take your studies with you! Our app syncs to the cloud, so you can start learning on web, continue on mobile, and pick up right where you left off. Now that's convenience!

What are the parameters for the Spaced/Document repetition?

With Metkagram, you can control the way you learn! We provide a range of parameters for Spaced Repetition, so you can set the number of repetitions and the ideal number to repeat a document based on its priority. Whether you're learning a new language by yourself or with others, Metkagram, makes it easy to get the results you want.

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