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    English Imperatives

    Ever gave an order, made a request, or offered a suggestion? If you have, you've used an imperative, perhaps without even knowing it! But worry not, Metkagramis here to help you better understand English imperatives. 🚀

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What are Imperatives?

Imperatives are verbs used to give orders, commands, warning, or instructions, and to make requests or suggestions. They usually omit the subject in the sentence. For example, "Stop!" or "Please sit down."

Using Imperatives

  • Commands and Orders: Imperatives often convey a sense of urgency or importance. For example, "Hurry up!"
  • Instructions: Imperatives are common in instructional contexts. For example, "Mix the flour and sugar in a bowl."
  • Requests: We use imperatives when we ask someone to do something. For example, "Pass me the salt, please."
  • Suggestions: Imperatives can be used to suggest actions. For example, "Let's go for a walk."

Second Conditional

The second conditional is for hypothetical situations, things that are unlikely to happen in the present or future. Like, "If I won a million dollars, I would travel the world."

Imperative Sentences and Politeness

While some imperative sentences may sound abrupt or rude, you can make them more polite by adding 'please' or 'kindly'. For example, "Please close the door."


Understanding and using imperatives is an integral part of communicating effectively in English.

Practice with Metkagram

Explore the use of imperatives in various contexts with Metkagram. Practice giving commands, making requests, and offering suggestions.


Check out these Metkagram, flashcards to reinforce your understanding:

  • Explore the use of imperatives in various contexts with Metkagram. Practice giving commands, making requests, and offering suggestions.
  • "Please pass the salt." (Request)
  • "Let's go to the movies." (Suggestion)


Did you know that imperative sentences can end with either a period (.) or an exclamation mark (!) depending on their tone and intensity?

Quick Check

Identify the type of imperative in the following sentences:

  • "Turn left at the next intersection."
  • "Please take off your shoes."
  • "Let's have pizza for dinner."

Unleash the power of English imperatives!
While they may seem simple, imperatives play a crucial role in expressing commands, requests, and suggestions.

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