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    The Secret of English Prepositions

    In the magical world of English language learning, prepositions hold a special place. These little words form the bridges, connecting different parts of sentences and often steering the direction of our thoughts. If you've found yourself wondering about the secret rules that govern prepositions, this article is for you. Let's dive in!🚀

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What Are Prepositions?

Prepositions are small but mighty words that specify relationships between other words in a sentence, especially regarding time, place, or direction. These include 'in', 'on', 'at', 'from', 'to', 'by', 'with', 'about', 'into', 'through', and many more.

The Use of Prepositions


  • Enclosed space
    The book is in the bag.
  • Specific months, years, seasons
    I was born in July.
  • Group or category
    She works in marketing.


  • Surface
    The picture is on the wall.
  • Specific days, dates
    We met on Monday.
  • Device or machine
    I saw it on TV.


  • Specific place or point
    We will meet at the library.
  • Specific time
    The movie starts at 7 PM.
  • Activity
    She is good at swimming.

Other Prepositions

  • 'From' indicates origin: I come from Canada.
  • 'To' indicates direction: I am going to the park.
  • 'By' denotes means or agent: This song was written by John Lennon.
  • 'With' signifies accompaniment: I went to the mall with my friends.
  • 'About' refers to the subject matter: She is talking about her trip.

The Metkagram Approach

Metkagram, offers an innovative approach to understand and use prepositions in the English language. By annotating sentences and colour-coding the prepositions, learning becomes a fun and interactive experience.

  • He/S threw/V the ball// into/\ the basket//.*(He - Subject (S), threw - Verb (V), the ball - Direct Object (/), into the basket - Prepositional phrase ())
  • She/S arrived/V at/\ home// after/\ a long day//.*(She - Subject (S), arrived - Verb (V), at home - Prepositional phrase (), after a long day - another Prepositional phrase ())


Prepositions might seem puzzling, but they play an essential role in adding detail, clarity, and specificity to our sentences. The secret to understanding prepositions lies in recognizing the relationships they express.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Engage with the Metkagramapp and its annotated flashcards, and you will master the secret of English prepositions in no time. Start your journey with Metkagramtoday, and unlock the magic of English!

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