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    How to Conquer Phrasal Verbs in English

    Ever heard the phrase, "give up," and wondered why two simple words could mean something as profound as surrendering? Welcome to the world of phrasal verbs in English, where simple words come together to mean something entirely different. Don't panic – we've got your back! 🚀

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What are Phrasal Verbs?

Phrasal verbs are a combination of a verb and one or two particles (preposition, adverb, or both) that create a meaning different from the original verb. For instance, "look up" means to search or find information, a far cry from just"looking" at something.

Understanding Phrasal Verbs with Metkagram

Metkagram, can be a fantastic tool to dissect and understand phrasal verbs. By highlighting verbs and prepositions in different colors, it becomes much easier to identify and remember phrasal verbs.

  • "I always look up (V+) to my sister."*(Here, "look up to" is a phrasal verb meaning to respect or admire someone.)
  • "The project was called off (V+) due to bad weather."*(In this example, "called off" is a phrasal verb that means to cancel something.)


Phrasal verbs can seem daunting initially. But with Metkagram's visual learning approach and consistent practice, you'll find yourself picking up their usage in no time! Remember, language learning is a journey, not a race. Happy learning!

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