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    Language learning apps have revolutionized the way we acquire new languages. Among these, Memrise and Metkagram stand out. While Memrise has been a popular choice for many learners, Metkagram, with its innovative approach to language learning, presents itself as a viable alternative. Let's dive into the features of both to see what sets them apart.🚀

Memrise: A Popular Choice

Memrise offers various learning modes on its website and both iOS and Android apps. Some of these include:

  • Learning new words
  • Classic review
  • Speed review
  • Difficult words
  • Listening skills
  • Learn with Locals (available on selected courses)
  • Pronunciation (available on selected courses)
  • Grammar (available on selected language pairs)
  • Offline mode

Note: Not all features are available on community-created courses.

Metkagram: An Innovative Approach

Metkagram takes language learning to the next level with AI-powered features:

  • AI-generated annotated flashcards: Metkagram uses AI to transform text into annotated flashcards, helping you understand and remember grammar patterns and phrases in context.
  • Simplified grammar: Metkagram breaks down complex grammar patterns and rules, simplifying them for easy understanding.
  • Build your learning plan: Choose your desired learning texts and easily add them to the app for personalized learning.
  • Organize your texts: Each card contains an annotated text, the original text, its translation, and key expressions. Cards are compiled into a dedicated list, forming thematic collections.
  • Library: Metkagram provides a library containing a variety of pre-made collections created by other users.
  • Learning queue: Metkagram integrates spaced repetition into its learning process to ensure information retention and language skills improvement.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Learn on web, continue on mobile, and pick up right where you left off.
  • Pricing: Metkagram offers a free version with limited functions and premium versions with additional features.


While Memrise remains a strong contender in the language learning app market, Metkagram's innovative approach to language learning makes it a promising alternative. The use of AI technology to create annotated flashcards is particularly noteworthy and could be a game-changer for learners. Ultimately, the choice between Memrise and Metkagram depends on your personal learning style and preferences.