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    If you're looking for a language learning app that goes beyond vocabulary and phrases to offer an in-depth understanding of grammar, Metkagram could be the answer. An innovative language learning tool, Metkagram leverages AI to help you master grammar patterns in the context of your own learning materials.

Introduction to Metkagram

Metkagram is a groundbreaking language learning app that uses AI to transform text into a list of annotated flashcards. This innovative approach simplifies the learning process by breaking down complex grammar rules into digestible pieces, making it an ideal choice for individuals looking to master a new language.

Key Features of Metkagram

  • Visualize grammar patterns using tags for faster learning.
  • Build a personalized learning plan using chosen texts.
  • Organize your texts effectively with language cards.
  • Access a variety of pre-made collections in the Metkagram Library.
  • Practice and retain knowledge with spaced repetition.
  • Cross-platform compatibility for flexible learning.

Metkagram Pricing

Metkagram offers both a free and a premium plan. The premium plan costs €5 per month and includes unlimited card repetition and the ability to copy collections from the Metkagram library.

Comparing Metkagram and LingQ

While LingQ also offers flashcard-based learning, Metkagram sets itself apart with its focus on annotated flashcards. These annotations, powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI technology, offer a unique and effective approach to learning grammar and vocabulary.

Unlike LingQ, Metkagram's subscription covers all language models, meaning there's no need for separate purchases for each language. Furthermore, Metkagram offers cloud synchronization for seamless learning across devices.


In conclusion, Metkagram's innovative approach to language learning, combined with its affordable pricing and comprehensive features , makes it a robust alternative to LingQ. Whether you're an avid language learner or someone just starting their language journey, Metkagram has something to offer you.